Sauna Wrap (Now Available)

An amazing body wrap dedicated to burning calories, relieving body aches and pains, removing toxins from the body, reducing stress and much more! Not to mention, you can add on our enhancement gel to better your outcome. Read more about our NEW Sauna Wrap and Gel below.


Our sauna wrap detoxes the body by allowing everything to come to the surface. It allows your body to release sweat and toxins. At the end of your service, you will feel refreshed and toxin-free.

(35 mins, $65)  BOOK NOW

Our gel escalates the benefits of the sauna wrap. This means more sweat is released, more calories are burned, and you will have more elasticity in your skin. Trust me your body will thank you later.

(45 min, $90)  BOOK NOW

Enhance your experience by pairing our sauna wrap with our gel and facial steam. Not only will you detox your body but your face as well. At the end of your appointment, your skin and body will feel renewed and rejuvenated from head to toe.

(60 mins, $105) BOOK NOW

2 Sessions: $115

4 Sessions: $240

6 Sessions: $360


The use of infrared sauna wrap has many health benefits; however it is important that you fully understand the precautions. If the following conditions apply to you, consult with a doctor before booking an appointment.

  • Skin disease, burns or redeeming
  • You require a heart defibrillator or use other implantable devices
  • Heart disease or illness
  • Malignancy 
  • Experiencing nauseous,  headaches or other symptoms
  • Recent surgery
  • Osteoporosis
  • Abnormal blood pressure
  • Pregnancy, breastfeeding, or on your menstrual
  • Cancer
  • Have any metal or other body implants including breast implants
  • Mental illness.

Also, we recommend you drink plenty of water (preferably a gallon) before your appointment. Also, the dress code is stated below:

  • No Metal Jewelry
  • Cotton-Clothing
  • Loose Fit Clothing
  • Medium Thick Socks (Required)


So we may accommodate your individual scheduling needs, we recommend that you book your spa appointments in advance. Please arrive 20 minutes prior to your first spa service to allow ample time to check-in, change and enjoy the spa facilities. Late arrivals may result in a modification of services in order to honor the next guest’s scheduled appointment.


Groups of 4 or more must give 48 hours notice or the group will be charged in full. You may reschedule your appointments at the time of cancellation and you will not be charged a cancellation or rescheduling fee.

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